Visual Design

Poster design can be divided into three main categories being, commercial posters, cultural posters and social posters. A poster is a communication tool that informs the audiences about a product or a service. Posters are not only designed for products or services but also for festivals, concerts and conferences, organizations and even social awareness.


The most crucial component of a good poster design is the visuals, but visuals must be supported by the right text at all times. An efficient poster should be eye-catching. For an efficient poster, a lot of text complexity should be avoided and the effective visuals should be arranged with the minimum amout of text.


Commercial posters are mostly used to promote a product or a service. Cultural posters on the other hand are the designworks for art and culture events like exhibitons, galleries, films, theatres, festivals, concerts and sports events. Social posters widely deal with an informative issue. They are designed to inform the audience about a certain subject or state an opinion about it.


Posters are designed according to their subjects and purposes. For an effective poster design, preemptively, the target audience should be analyzed; and the most direct, eye catching design should be realized according to the target audience’s profile.


Bestimage Creative House, with a team dominating over communication dynamics, creates purpose-driven, target audience oriented poster designs and plays an active role in the project to be successful.

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