Visual Design

Since a logo is going to be used at any project and will represent the company on all media, logo design must be created according to the necessary analysis of the company sector and the potential target audience. An effective and efficient logo design is the ultimate necessity for a company, considering the fact that the logo is going to be used in all communication projects and it is going to represent the company on all media. For a logo to be efficient, more than anything else it needs to be plain. The logos of the giant international brands make a good example of this principle.


A logo should correspond to the company’s spirit and sector. To avoid any other application expense, a logo should be created in a way that would fit any ground perfectly. Also a successful logo design should be memorable. A good logo should stick with the audience.


Bestimage Creative House, having designed aesthetic and effective logos for foremost companies of Turkey, by means of an all professional creative team, accomplishes logo design projects that compliments the corporate unity and enriches the brands prestige. Through industry specific analysis and research, Bestimage creates the most effective logo, which becomes an added-value for the company.


You can go through the previous logo design works of Bestimage and get in touch with us for the most effective logo design.

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