Visual Design

Corporate Identity is the entirety of all visual components that represent a company’s spirit and status. The Corporate Identity Guide, which is a neccesity for the company to assure trust, consists of all the visual representation of the company, including logo design, business cards, letterhead design, folder design, packaging, personnel harness and even vehicle cladding.For a rewarding corporate identity, all visual components should invoke a feeling of unity and represent the company in the most effective way. Visual comprehension of a company is one of the crucial things to take into account for a company to make an impressive start in the sector and ensure its position. A successful corporate identity design is the key to fortify that comprehension. An efficient corporate identity guide adds value to the status of the company and improves memorability. For this reason, all companies should include a corporate identity guide in their advertising-communication strategies.


With appropriate corporate identity designs that reflect company’s vision and ensures unity, Bestimage provides the company with a strong and trustworthy image.


3D working principle Bestimage adopted, reflects itself on the Corporate Identity Design as “Communication, Behaviour and Design”. Bestimage Creative House realizes its communication phase on traditional advertising tools, social media, press bulletin, PR, colsultancy and customer services. Bestimage builds the Corporate Identity content around behaviour, commerce procedures, social responsibility and it makes sure the system works flawlessly all times. Bestimage directs the process of the identity design from the logo to all visual materials of the partner company. As a consequence of this workflow, the desired image of the company on the target audience is created on best standards.

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