Visual Design

Ad design is divided into two main categories being in-door ad design and out-door ad design. For offical adverts, the design is most commonly based on the text and a simple frame, rather than complex visual design. For marketing ads though, both visual design and textual content should be carefully conducted as both indoor and outdoor ads are an effective communication tool.


Indoor ads are the advertising-communication activities that adress the target audience in confined space. Indoor ads are used on magazines, other printed media, digital platforms, shopping malls, stopovers, public transportation, etc. On the other hand, Outdoor ads are all media used in open air space like billboards, signboards, vehicle cladding, building clading, bus stop advertisment, etc.


An efficient ad design should serve the purpose of the ad. Body text that give the target audience the idea, should be arranged in the best way to create unity with the visual design. Visuals are also designed accordingly with the target audience and the business sector of the brand. The language of the ads, if it is going to be dynamic creative visuals or the plain corporate language, is decided upon the requirements and expectations stated in the project brief.


Bestimage Creative House realizes ad designs for all media that adds value to the branding and promotes publicity of the company. You can take a look at the previous ad design works of Bestimage Creative House and for brand-enriching ad designs, you can contact us.

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